The story of Simpro started around 2004 and meanwhile we have proven to be a trusted partner to our clients and an asset to our broader network.

In the beginning we mainly focussed on developping new websites from scratch. This including the complementary services such as hosting on our own server and registration of domains.

Since 2018, because of higher demand, we also offer various other services:

  • Maintenance & improvement of external pre-existing websites,

  • Content creating,

  • Editing and creating media material,

  • Translations,

  • General support.

Tight schedule and the right time to outsource certain projects or returning tasks so you can focus on your main business? Well what is holding you back? At Simpro we regularly provide support on a freelance basis to sole proprietorships and SME's.

Click further if you want more information about our

webdesign | freelancing

activities or have a look at our portfolio. This will be updated regularly.


What our clients say

  • Ik heb zelf niet altijd tijd om mijn social media aankondigingen te doen, banners te maken, de nieuwsbrief te schrijven etc... Door dit soms uit te besteden bepaar ik mezelf een hoop tijd! 

    - Julie

  • Dankzij de jarenlange samenwerking met Anke en Benny is onze website steeds up to date. Professioneel een eerlijk advies mag je verwachten van deze 2 gedreven mensen. Zo helpen zij ons onze doelstelling te behalen. Keep up te good job :-).

  • Team SimPro is very committed to helping their clients achieve their best end results. As a client, you can feel they care and that is a novelty in today's day.

    - Amy

  • We have worked with Simpro on several projects in the past. Really appreciated their swift communication and transparancy in working with them. Will surely do business with them again!

    - Vincent
  • Once the project was finished we were very happy with the result. Our website for our restaurant needed to be simple but efficient and the suggestions and additional services offered were very good!

    - Francesca

  • Tijdens drukke en vaak chaotische periodes is het fijn om een vaste partner te hebben die je herinnert aan bepaalde zaken en to do's uit handen neemt...

    - Caroline

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