Our portfolio

On this page we will post a couple of our most recent website & freelancing projects that we are proud of.
Of course there's always more to show you if you are looking into a specific direction...


  • Websites we built from scratch
  • Websites we revised and improved significantly
  • Websites where we added a webshop or another large feature


  • Newsletters, e-books, articles, presentations, ...
  • Translations
  • Banners and social media material


Here you find a selection of new websites (Joomla & Wordpress) we built and/or maintain for our customers:



Website psycholoog


Student accomodation


Decorative flower and moss walls


Goldsmith (Catalogue + webshop)


Marine / Offshore elevator service




Company website including webshop


Carports & Terrasoverkappingen


Real Estate - Project development


Painting company


Food & Lifestyle blog website


Professional Cleaning Company


Website traiteur & catering


Website hotel


Website Restaurant

Current Projects

Ask us what we are doing :-)

"We have had a very positive feedback from our clients regarding the quality of our website. Simpro have been very flexible and patient during the build process and continue to be so during the on-going developments. We have had to do some alterations during the Covid-19 period and this is where Simpro proved to be extremely helpful and accommodating. Simpro will deliver a personalized quality product taking all the hard work and bother out of website design for you. Highly recommended."

Installation & configuration of additional features:

Looking for a large extension or new a feature/concept on your website? Would you like to discuss some options you can install by yourself?


Webshops Alfavrouwen Community

Configuration MyListing theme & Membership area


Content for banners, updates, newsletters,...

We get it that not everybody has time, inspiration, skills or even the patience to make their own social media status updates, banners, email signatures,... Therefore we regularly create the content you can see in the slider. 

Our clients send us what they need with the material they have available and we develop the social media updates in the right dimensions for each different channel (Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn, Google,...). The same for email signatures, pop-up banners, content for newsletters, pictures etc for your website,...

The price is calculated by the hour or you can purchase an interesting package of 5 social media status updates for € 120,- per package if you provide us:

  • a few words about the necessary content and target audience
  • your logo's & preferred colour scheme

Planning is key! Cross these tasks of your weekly/monthly to do-list and focus on your main tasks & challenges!

Would you like to make your own professional and consistent updates on social media? All in the same style, layout, lettertype?
Ask us to create your
"fixed layout".
Tell us what you need exactly and we work something out according to your skills and the programs present on your computer and online :-).

Do you need professional posts for:

promotions & offers?

new products?

Start of the season?

Occasional announcements?

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