Basic Website Package

690€ sure is an investment...
Let the content speak for itself:

  • 3 pages in your house style and your personalized contact form with footer & header,

  • Call to actions, favicon, social media links, breadcrumbs,

  • Responsive design (smartphone, PC, laptop,...),

  • Development with Joomla or Wordpress depending of your current and future needs,

  • Privacy and cookie policy,

Start today; have a look at other websites you like and write down what you REALLY need.

Here; have a head start!

You want to save time and money but don't know how to start preparing or building your website? Use our "website building checklist" and you will be ready to Rock & Roll in no time! 

Our procedure

We work until we hear our clients say they received what they expected and are happy with the result and our service. Therefore we offer you the most interesting package right from the start. If you ask us we can add some suggestions from our add-on list or other concepts in our offer that could be useful for your website and type of business. 

Therefore we work as follows for each new website:

1/ Meeting via skype, whatsapp, Zoom, or even an old school phonecall to discuss what you need exactly. If you don't need 3 pages or a customized contact form at this stage we add them later for free as being part of the same package. Otherwise we can agree to offer something else of about the same value that you see on this website and which you can use right now. We are flexible to make your and our own business work ;-). If you want to use a specific theme that is not free available or you prefer certain extensions you have seen on other websites that would cost extra we will let you know the annual costs in advance. These will be we will charged at the same time as the hosting and domainname(s) or on a yearly basis if your hosting is not arranged via Simpro.

2/ We set up a simple "virtual library" in a shared Dropbox or Google drive where we log everything and we can add all the content for your website including the lay-out, social media links, pictures, text, preferred color schemes, theme's, websites you like,... In this environment we also set up a timetable to make sure the progress goes smooth and we can tackle any delays or unforeseen events immediately.

3/ During the building process the site will be revised minimum 3 times according to your preferences. If you give us all the right content, pictures, examples of other websites etc from the beginning you can keep the unused revisions for later. If not; no need to worry; you can buy an interesting package afterwards with additional hours to use and these are valid for 2 years. Small changes that are not taking up a lot of our time are part of our "after care" service and will not be invoiced. 

4/ When the website is finalized we will automatically do regular testing when we need to do the standard updates of your theme & plugins etc we installed for you. For example the contact form will be tested once per month with an email from our side. These actions are all part of the hosting & domain service so you don't need to think about it and just forward the test email to us. But of course if you break something on the website by yourself... ;-)

The Basic website package is perfect when you start a new business and a website is not one of your main priorities.
We promise you: no surprises, additional support where it's requested, you will get what you need to start professionaly and another tick in the box.
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