Freelancing services:

Frequently asked questions regarding Freelancing

  • How does the process work?

    You send us your request with the complete job description for freelance work via email or our contact form and we revert within 2 working days with our offer including our possibilities regarding deadlines, solutions & suggestions, worst case scenario additional fees and the specific details or content we need before we can start doing the necessary.

    Where applicable we issue a seperate contract to stipulate each parties responsibilities including all necessary work descriptions, steps & procedures to follow, deadlines, whats happens in case of unexpected events, unforeseen additional costs,...

  • What is the hourly rate for freelance assignments

    In case the final job description and necessary content is delivered before the indicated the deadline in our email communication or our contract established upon mutual agreement the standard hourly rate is 60€/workhour.

    Last minute requests or urgent changes etc beyond the control of Simpro will be charged at 80€/workhour. 

    We can also agree on a project fee or a fixed amount per day, week, month,... for which we will sign a contract in advance to protect both parties.

  • What are your qualifications?

    The school of hard knocks and trial and error. 

    Regarding the online marketing and SEO activities that are coming up soon Anke is currently following some addtional courses. Benny has built up a lot of practical expierence in this business field.

    Certified Google Course: Fundamentals of digital marketing (Anke). Have a look at our portfolio.

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