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Our main focus is building websites for sole proprietorships or SME's and support them afterwards where needed. We are happy to assist your business too by working & thinking together about the best way forward regarding your online presence.

We offer 2 website packages with a semi "fixed" content to give you an idea about what you will get for your money. 

Choose one of the 2 main packages in STEP 1 and customize it with the add-ons in STEP 2 on this page.

Your company's website is an investment; not just a general cost :-).

STEP 1: Choose your website package

Basic website package

  • Starter package of 3 pages and your personalized contact form,
  • Call to actions, favicon, social media links, breadcrumbs,
  • Responsive design (smartphone, PC, laptop,...), 
  • Development with Joomla or Wordpress depending of your current and future needs,
  • Privacy & cookie policy,
  • Including 1 year of domain & hosting!

Star website package

  • 3 extra content pages
  • Reviews page,
  • 1 x social media gallery feed,
  • Package of 20 tags, keywords or categories,
  • Guidance with content creating and formatting pictures,
  • Acces + manual for changing basics.

No idea where to start?!

We will get you started!

You need a new website or you would like to revise your existing website but you are not getting anywhere? There are so many options that are it's indeed difficult to start without a struggle!

Try to build in some structure in your proces by using the WEBSITE BUILDING CHECKLIST.

You can download this document of 22 pages for free!

STEP 2: Select optional add-ons

Do you already have a website and you want to install some additional features?
Ok great; you are absolutely in the right place!

In this section you can find a brief overview of some different add-ons we offer as complementary services. Please click here if you need more information about why you would need any of these systems or download our website building checklist via the red button below.

You need to add something that's not in this list?  Contact us... 

Add blog page

Price upon request

Add Calendly


Add Mailchimp


Booking Tool

price upon request

Add Reviews page

Price upon request

Add pop-up banners

Starting from 110€

Add Convertkit


Add Privacy & Cookie policy

starting from 110€

Setup Webshop

Price upon request
Set-up according to your product package
(Excl general conditions, Privacy & Cookie policy)
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Different add-ons

Did you find what you were looking for? Still have questions?

Just ask! We are looking forward to help you out!

The circle

In case you are looking for another kind of professional support or just some advice regarding:

Starting a webshop? Don't forget your WEBSHOP GENERAL CONDITIONS, PRIVACY POLICY, COOKIE POLICY & on the other hand your PRODUCT STOCK INSURANCE for example...

We have a nice network of professionals with whom we are working and who can guide you both online and in the field if you live in the right place ;-). We absolutely DON'T work with referral fees, we want to share the details of our reliable partners to provide you the best possible service. Please do mention you found their company & services via our website or ask for more details about their activities via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DISCLAMER: We are connecting you to the right person where possible and have no further responsibilities or reliabilities.

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